The seemingly mundane life of the behemoth container ship is far more beautiful than one might think.

The time lapse video below follows one such ship on a day's journey as it navigates through sea and port. In this otherworldly life on the sea, the skies are deceptive: what looks like a sunrise sparkling in the distance turns out to be the bright lights of a port that the ship pulls into. Even the skies and sea do not look of this earth, and seem to belong to some other planet in a strange galaxy.

Some particularly wondrous moments that the container ship bears witness to on this journey are lightning strikes, a sea "highway" made of red and green buoys, and a game of container Tetris.

The 4K-timelapse video represents the movements of container ship Gunhilde Maersk at sea from Ho-Chi Minh, Vietnam to Ningbo, China and the incredible loading sequences at each port.

Source: AtlasObscura