The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association says that as of February 2016, 101 offshore vessels belonging to its members were in lay-up.

Norwegian Shipowners’ Association Reports Growing Number Of Vessels In Layup

“If the shipowners’ prognosis is realised, this number will grow by 10 by the end of June 2016,” said the association. “A significant increase is expected in the number of stacked rigs. As of February 2016 the total was 16, and offshore contractors expect this number to rise to 23 by the end of June 2016.”

The association said its members also anticipate more staff reductions in 2016. In all, between 4,000 and 4,500 employees are expected to be laid off or terminated over the course of the year, compared to 7,300 in 2015. Available training positions are expected to fall by around 200 in 2016. The association said the majority of reductions will be Norwegian apprenticeships in the offshore contractor and offshore service segments.

Source: OilPubs