The United Nations has lifted the sanction it had earlier put on an Indian ship for carrying oil from Libya in violation of the sanctions imposed on the North African country.

The MT Distya Ameya, an oil-tanker owned by M/s Arya Shipping, Mumbai, was blacklisted by the United Nations on April 26 last, after it had sailed from Al-Herega port in Libya, picking up the consignment of over 6.5 lakh barrels of oil to discharge in Malta.

UN lifts sanctions on disputed Indian ship

Crude Oil Tanker DISTYA AMEYA (previously known as KASSOS ) - Image: Manué Gerrits

The UN noted that carrying oil from Libya was in breach of the sanctions it put on the interim government of the North African country. The interim government is not recognised by the United Nations.

“The vessel Distya Ameya was listed pursuant to the resolution as transporting crude oil illicitly exported from Libya, based on information received from the government of Libya,” said the United Nations Sanctions Committee in its order of April 26.

Being an Indian flagged ship, the director general of Shipping, Government of India, took up the matter with the Permanent Mission ofIndia to the United Nations.

Upon his instructions, the vessel sailed back to Libya and discharged its entire oil consignment at the designated port Zawiya in Libya, under the supervision of the National Oil Corporation. This port is under the control of the Government of National Accord of Libya, which is recognised by the United Nations. This cargo evacuation was completed on May 6, a press-release issued by the Ministry of Shipping said here. It was also found out that the Indian owners and managers of the ship were unaware of the UN sanction.

The Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York issued a note verbale to the UN Security Council apprising it of the positive developments in the compliance of order. The UN on May 12, formally lifted the sanction on the Indian vessel, 16 days after it was held for carrying disputed Libyan oil.

“The ship is now completely free to resume its normal sailing and carry on its commercial operations,” official sources in the Ministry of Shipping in New Delhi said.

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Source: Deccan Herald