Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), the preferred gateway to Jordan and beyond, recently announced receiving “ISO 14001:2015” certification. This certificate is an international standard for an environmental management system (EMS) that helps businesses such as ACT control and improves practices that are potentially harmful to the environment.

Coming after years of dedicated work necessitating collaboration among the environmental steering committee, managerial staff, and employees, ACT obtained not only an “ISO 14001:2015” certificate, but also official certification of its streamlined EMS. In addition, ACT is the only company operating in Jordan to have received the 2015 version of ISO 14001, as well as the only port to administer an ISO-certified EMS.

Aqaba Container Terminal awarded “ISO 14001:2015” Certification

Other than establishing a series of quality standards regarding business practices and the environment, “ISO 14001:2015” certification also comes with various other benefits to the titleholder, including: reduction of costs through efficient use of materials, management of legal compliance by prioritizing environmental risks, decrease of possibility of duplication of efforts due to a fully integrated business system, command of reputation, leverage of competitive advantage, and ease of integration with other international certifications such as the Eco port environmental certification and safety, quality and excellence systems.

Commenting on the occasion, CEO of ACT Jeppe Jensen said, “We at ACT are incredibly honored to receive ISO 14001 certification of our advanced environmental management system that has been developed and exacted over the years. However, this certification is much more than just legal compliance; for us, it is a driver by which ACT can enact even more positive environmental change, remaining dedicated to what is truly important: effectively managing responsible business practices that seek to limit negative environmental impact through control of greenhouse gas emissions and other potentially harmful actions.”

Jensen went on to say that “ISO 14001:2015” goes a long way in helping businesses like ACT manage challenges, systems, and risks concerning environmental performance, contributing to the ability of these business to effectively meet the needs of stakeholders.

Furthermore, the certification serves as assurance -- to management, employees, and external partners – that the environmental impact of operations is being measured, monitored and improved.

ACT’s final audit to recommend official certification of its EMS came on April 20, 2016 by Lloyd’s Register, the reputable certification body that provides compliance, risk, and technical support. In this audit the auditor recognized and acknowledged the elements of the environmental management system for ACT such as : management commitment, environmental aspects identified and controlled, full legal compliance, employees awareness and culture of environmental aspects,internal audit and review- in heart of that, monitoring programs such as: sea water, air pollution, noise measurement and monitoring programs and disposal of solid waste and hazardous waste in friendly environmentally ways .

Source: Aqaba Container Terminal