Purpose built ESVAGT vessel to perform additional tasks for Hess at the South Arne field, located in the Danish sector of the North Sea

ESVAGT and Hess, who have collaborated at the South Arne field for 17 years, have agreed to extend their relationship for an additional twelve years.

ESVAGT has supplied Hess with supply and standby vessels for the South Arne platform, as well as connecting tank vessels to Hess’ production tanks.

ESVAGT Extends And Expands Collaboration With HESS

Image courtesy: ESVAGT

The new contract will expand the scope of work to include service, maintenance and inspection of the hose system and to perform service vessel duties in connection with work on Hess’ unmanned platforms. These operations, beginning 2018, will be handled by one purpose designed ESVAGT vessel.

Hess started working with ESVAGT in 1999 for standby operations because of our company’s strong reputation. The new contract came into force from the 1st of May 2016, indicates that ESVAGT has been chosen as a result of 17 years of excellent cooperation, something which ESVAGT’s Managing Director, Søren Nørgaard Thomsen, is understandably pleased with:

”We are very pleased that Hess chose to extend the contract and expand our cooperation by entrusting us with more work. We see it as a confirmation of trust in our working relationship and our skills - both now and in the future,” says Søren Nørgaard Thomsen.

The Esvagt Omega has provided standby services for Hess in the South Arne field until the start of May. These duties have now been taken over by the Esvagt Connector while ESVAGT builds the new vessel at Cemre Shipyard. Havyard Design & Solutions has been assigned the task of designing the vessel. The Norwegian design company and ESVAGT have worked together in designing a number of special vessels, including Service Operation Vessels for offshore wind farms. The contract has been facilitated by Fearnley Offshore Supply AS, Oslo.

The new built vessel will enter into charter with Hess in 2018.

Source: ESVAGT