GE’s Marine Solutions (GE) was recently awarded a service contract by CIMC Raffles to provide the first dry-dock services on two of Gazflot’s semi sub drilling vessels—Northern Lights and Polar Star. During the dry-docking, GE’s Marine Solutions will thoroughly test its scope of supply and will replace and upgrade parts where necessary.

GasFlot semi-sub drilling rig Severnoye Siyanie (Northern Lights)

With years of experience in carrying out similar activities, historical data from these vessels and an understanding of how systems interact with each other, GE’s Marine Solutions is ideally placed as a one-stop solution to carry out the dry-docking of these vessels. This dry-docking will enable Gazflot to continue operating its vessels at optimum levels.

“GE will not only carry out the required maintenance activities on the two vessels, but will also be assisting with the supervision of the activities throughout dry-docking. We are impressed by GE’s technical and operational finesse and look forward to working with them in the long-term,” said Mr. Yongqiang Shao, deputy general manager, CIMC Raffles.

Commenting on the contract, Andrey Nikireev, deputy head of power supply department, Gazflot, said, “We have been very happy with GE, and its technology is running flawlessly on board our vessels. GE’s deep understanding of these technologies makes them an ideal partner for this dry-docking, and with GE’s engineers carrying out the maintenance activities, we are confident that our vessels are in a safe pair of hands.”

GasFlot Polar Star

GasFlot semi-sub drilling rig Polyarnaya Zvezda (Polar Star)

The two vessels were equipped with GE technologies including dynamic positioning, automation, drilling drives, MV 7000 propulsion drives, Power Management System, Vessel Management System and Thruster Assisted Mooring System. These technologies have been reliably at work on Gazflot’s ice class vessels, which are capable of drilling up to 10,000 feet in the adverse conditions in Northern Russia. Through the current contract, GE’s team of on-site engineers will ensure the longevity of installed systems while working with the yard to supervise the dry-docking activities.

“We have had a long-standing relationship with Gazflot and are happy to further our partnership through this deal. With our reliable technologies on board their vessels, GE is at the heart of Gazflot’s exploration activities. Our thorough maintenance services and assurance of providing technical support for these vessels will ensure uninterrupted operations for Gazflot in the years to come,” said Tim Schweikert, president & CEO, GE’s Marine Solutions.

After the dry-docking, GE will continue to provide remote technical support for the Northern Lights and Polar Star semi sub drilling vessels.

Source: GE