This short video shows how AAL engineered part of a series of shipments of 20 Automated Stacking Cranes ‘ASC’ – 473 sqm each unit – on multiple sailings from Shanghai to Melbourne, for final delivery to Victoria International Container Terminal.

AAL Loads 4 Giant ASC Units On A Single Sailing – An Industry First! (Video)

The combination of AAL’s Tramp & Liner Divisions working together deliver a seamless and cost-efficient solution. The cargo is transported along AAL’s scheduled Asia – East Coast Australia liner service, which offers 13 regular port calls on a 17-day rotation. AAL’s 31,000dwt A-Class vessel AAL Hong Kong was chosen for the task, as it provided 1,800 sqm of clear deck space and enabled 4 of these giant ASC units to be loaded and transported on a single sailing – the first time this has ever been done.

Four In-house AAL engineers worked in tandem in Asia & Australia to plan and oversee every stage of operations. Loading and discharge of the ASC units required simultaneous operation of three on-board cranes. The professionalism and flexibility of AAL’s operational and engineering teams enabled changes up the last minute. Acting as both ship owner and operator, AAL quickly signed-off major ship modifications needed to accommodate this huge cargo. The third shipment (featured in the video) was successfully loaded in Shanghai, during extremely poor weather and visibility conditions.

Source: AAL