A new trade shipping line will be launched by late July 2016, between Tunisia and Russia to promote Tunisian exports on the Russian market, said Ali belgacem, CEO of the Tunisian Shipping Company (CTN).

For the launch of this line, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed last Thursday in the Exporter Centre, between CEOs of CTN and the Export Promotion Center (CEPEX).

New Tunisia-Russia shipping line to be launched late July 2016

The new shipping line offers to resident exporting companies exporting food products or handicrafts to the Russian market, a reduction of 33% of the amount of shipping costs for agricultural and food products and 25% for products from handicrafts, Belgacem said.

He added that the Ministry of Transport has granted a subsidy to the CTN to apply these cuts, particularly as the financial situation of the CTN has become critical in recent years.

He also said two trips per month will be scheduled in ships with a capacity of 400 to 500 containers. The duration of the trip is 6 days, against 11 days previously.

For her part, Aziza Htira, CEO of CEPEX said this new shipping line will help boost Tunisian exports towards Russia, which still remain low.

“This line will certainly lower the costs of transportation, to ensure the entry of currency into the country and to make known the Tunisian product.”

Source: Tunis-Afrique Presse 2016