CMA CGM Group has announced the strengthening of its coverage of Europe to West Africa with the addition of the direct call in Cameroon on its EURAF 5 service.

CMA CGM to upgrade its EURAF 5 service

Effective July 26th, 2016, main improvements on EURAF 5 will be the following:

Direct service from North Europe to Douala with a fortnightly frequency combined with a shortened transit time by 7 days. Therefore, it is one of the best transit time on the market with Douala from Antwerp in 28 days and from Le Havre in 29 days

CMA CGM EURAF 5 service

CMA CGM exporters in Douala will benefit from a very fast and direct transit time to North Europe: Northern France will be reached in 16 days, Antwerp in 17 days

The calls in Lobito and Namibe will have a fortnightly frequency and will alternate with Douala

EURAF 5 service port coverage is as follows: Le Havre - Antwerp - Lisbon - Tangiers - Algeciras - Pointe Noire - Luanda - Lobito (fortnightly) - Namibe (fortnightly) - Douala (fortnightly) - Abidjan - Tangiers NB - Le Havre

Source: CMA CGM