Port of Duluth Intermodal Project


During the 18-month construction process, work crews hit some amazing milestones:

- Installed 1,898 lineal feet of sheet pile
- Drove 5.5 miles of H-piles for the Heavy Lift & Ro-Ro docks
- Poured 4,350 cubic yards of concrete
- Installed a 1,005-foot rail spur
- Placed 32,600 cubic yards of Class 5
- Dredged 62,000 cubic yards of material from the slip, to a depth of 29 feet
- Moved over 23,000 cubic yards of the dredged material to two City of Duluth brownfield redevelopment projects, plus the balance to gravel pit remediation sites

Federal TIGER Grant $10 million
State PDAP Funds $ 2.75 million
State DEED Grant $ 1 million*
Port Authority $ 4 million
TOTAL Project Cost: $17.7 million

Construction on the nearly $18 million Port of Duluth Intermodal Project is now finished.

Contractors met the substantial completion date at the end of September, and by the end of October, Lunda Construction will ‘turn over the keys’ to the Duluth Seaway Port Authority.

Clure Terminal expansion at Port of Duluth-Superior ready for 2017 season

Photos: Northern Images Photography

To casual passersby on Helberg Drive, the reinforced, newly resurfaced 25 acres may look more like a huge, fenced parking lot, but, to the owners and operators of the Clure Public Marine Terminal, this expansion is a masterpiece of maritime workmanship.

“Completion of this major rehab project immediately triples our Terminal’s outdoor storage capacity,” said Port Authority Executive Director Vanta Coda, “plus the new, reinforced dock doubles our heavylift cargo handling capabilities.”

A brand new rail spur was built, bollards have been installed, lighting and security fencing are in place, the Ro-Ro dock and reinforced heavy lift dock are finished, and the slip has been dredged to beyond Seaway depth. While seeing ‘salties’ docked at those new berths may have to wait until the 2017 shipping season, it will be a U.S.-flag vessel—one of American Steamship’s thousand-footers—that will spend winter layup tied up at those shiny new yellow bollards.

Source: GreatLakesSeaway