On October 15th 2016, Bomin Linde LNG signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the Swedish shipowner Furetank Rederi initiating a long-term cooperation regarding the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the Baltic Sea region.

In 2015 Furetank Rederi began retrofitting the tanker Fure West pioneering the use of LNG as marine fuel in Europe. In cooperation with the partners in the Gothenburg-based Gothia Tanker Alliance, four LNG-fuelled newbuildings were ordered and are currently under construction. These newbuildings are planned for commissioning in late 2018 and early 2019.

Chemical/Oil Products Tanker Fure Fast - Image courtesy: Buggi Porschien

According to the LOI, Bomin Linde LNG will supply the Furetank Rederi vessels ship-to-ship with a new LNG bunker supply vessel both in ports and potentially offshore using DP2 equipment. The commissioning of this Klaipeda-based supply vessel, the largest of its kind to date, is also scheduled for late 2018.

Sonja Nesshoever, Director LNG Portfolio of Bomin Linde LNG says: “we are looking forward to develop a safe and flexible LNG supply chain in cooperation with a frontrunner like Furetank Rederi. As an important step forward to reduce costs for our clients and to optimise shipping routes we will also jointly explore the possibility of introducing LNG in Lightering Areas of the Baltic Sea.” Lightering Areas are designated zones which allow for offshore bunkering outside port boundaries.

“I am glad to have found a strong and reliable partner with Bomin Linde LNG being able to offer access to a unique LNG supply network in the Baltic Sea”, adds Lars Höglund, Managing Director of Furetank Rederi.

Source: Bomin Linde LNG