Seismic services provider SeaBird Exploration announced earlier today that it has signed an agreement to provide a source vessel for an upcoming ocean bottom seismic survey in Gulf of Guinea.

SeaBird Exploration Signs contract for seismic survey in Gulf of Guinea

Seismic vessel Osprey Explorer - Image courtesy: Helmut Ivers

The project is anticipated to commence in late Q4 2016 and will have a duration of approximately two to three months. SeaBird will be using the research vessel Osprey Explorer for the project.

During the third quarter of 2016, Osprey Explorer finished its source project in North West Europe before embarking on and completing an undershoot survey in the North Sea.

S/V Osprey Explorer joined the SeaBird Exploration fleet in August 2006 after being converted to 2D Long offset/source vessel in Poland. She is the first Worldwide Maritime vessel that DNV has classed as "Seismic Vessel"

Source: SeaBird Exploration