Wallenius Marine has acted as newbuilding consultants for the world’s first dual fuel LNG PCTC m/v AUTO ECO. The vessel had her formal Naming Ceremony at the Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium on 21 November 2016.

Naming Ceremony for the world’s first dual fuel LNG Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) - UECC’s Auto Eco

During the ceremony, Mr. Glenn Edvardsen (CEO/UECC) began his speech with, “On March 6, 2014, in Oslo UECC signed a contract to build two dual fuel PCTCs with Kawasaki Heavy Industries at the NACKS yard in China. This was the start of an incredible journey - to construct the most technically advanced PCTC ever built, where the LNG installation would be a pioneering design and one of the largest employed on any commercial vessel, and the largest yet of its kind on a pure car and truck carrier. This required highly skilled and dedicated group of engineers along with great teamwork and cooperation. This was made possible by working together with NYK’s Technical Group and Wallenius Marine, and with invaluable support from Kawasaki Heavy Industries and NACKS. The result of this long process is the vessel you see here: A triumph of engineering, teamwork, and international cooperation.

Mr. Edvardsen continued, “It is the first PCTC of its kind in the world to be fitted with a dual-fuel LNG propulsion system, allowing it to complete a fourteen-day round -trip voyage solely on LNG without refueling. AUTO ECO not only meets existing emissions regulations but also exceeds them, allowing her to trade in any Environment Control Area, worldwide.

To make sure the vessel can trade safely in icy waters, AUTO ECO has been constructed to meet the highest ice class standard: Super 1A Finish /Swedish Ice Class. She may be scheduled to trade in the Baltic Sea, but AUTO ECO is capable of sailing just about anywhere – including the Northeast or Northwest Passage if ever called upon.

Mr. Edvardsen concluded his speech, “AUTO ECO will help UECC achieve its vision: To be recognized as the leading provider of short sea Ro/Ro transport in Europe. AUTO ECO serves as a bold statement of UECC’s commitment to environmental sustainability, consistent with the values of our owners, NYK and Wallenius Line. So on behalf of the entire organization, I wish to thank everyone who helped plan, design, financed and build this remarkable vessel. To Captain Henryk and his skilled crew of AUTO ECO - I wish you good luck, smooth seas and following wind, and please, take good care of her. She is the pride of our fleet! ”

Source: Wallenius Marine