Grimaldi’s car carrier Grande Anversa collided with general cargo vessel Sider Capri at around 16:05 UTC on Sunday (November 27) at southern entrance of the Canakkale Strait, Dardanelles, while both vessel were proceeding in opposite directions.

Grimaldi’s Grande Anversa collided with Polish cargo ship CIDER CAPRI, Dardanelles

Sider Capri suffered severe bow damage after a collision with Grimaldi's car carrier Grande Anversa on Nov27, 2016 at southern entrance of the Canakkale Strait, Dardanelles  - Image courtesy:

The car carrier was in route from Valencia (Spain) to Autoport Izmit, Marmara Sea, while Cider Capri was en route from Black sea, Constanta, Romania, to Larnaca, Cyprus.

Both vessels were brought to anchor at Karanlık, Kumkale anchorage, southern Dardanelles, escorted or towed by tugs, for survey and investigation.

The cargo ship Cider Capri suffered severe bow damage, the hull of the vehicles carrier was breached above the waterline at starboard side. There are no reports for injured people.


Image above: Car Carrier Grande Anversa - Image courtesy: Joern von Aspern


Image above: General cargo ship Sider Capri - Image courtesy: željko