OLT Offshore LNG Toscana announces that on December 6th, 2016 the operations of discharge of liquefied natural gas (LNG) were successfully concluded. Around 105.000 cmLiq LNG were discharged by the 156.000 cm capacity ship Wilpride. The operation follows the tender launched by OLT as part of the procedure for the Peak Shaving Service awarded on 28 October.

The operations of discharge of LNG into the OLT Terminal for the Peak Shaving service were concluded

FSRU Toscana and WilPride - Image courtesy of OLT Offshore LNG Toscana

The LNG, stored into the Terminal tanks, will be available until March 31st 2017. The offer for the regasification capacity is however guaranteed (as indicated also on the publications on the OLT website) also in conjunction with the Peak Shaving service.

"All operations - said the company - were carried out in a very positive way, thanks to the reliability of the plant and of our working team. It is important, in this context, to highlight that our Terminal is increasingly emerging on the market; we received LNG from export terminals representing different countries: Qatar, Nigeria, Peru, Norway and most recently the United States has chosen FSRU Toscana for its first cargo in Italy. A very important diversification that strengthens the guarantees offered by the OLT Terminal in terms of security of supply ".

For the fourth consecutive year the Terminal FSRU Toscana offered the Peak Shaving service. The Peak Shaving service is one of the emergency measures established by the Decree of the Ministry of the Economic Development within the "Emergency Plan" to face unfavorable events for the national gas system, which may happen during the winter period of the Thermal Year 2016/2017, and to guarantee the security of the Italian Gas System. In case of emergency this service would allow, starting from January 1 st 2017 to March 31st 2017, to redeliver gas in the network - previously unloaded and stocked into the tanks of the Terminal - at short notice with the aim to face peak requests of the gas system for a limited period of time.

OLT Offshore LNG Toscana S.p.A., set up from the association of Iren Group (49.07%), Uniper Global Commodities - formerly E.ON Global Commodities - (48.24%) and Golar Offshore Toscana Limited (2.69%), holds the property of the floating regasification Terminal "FSRU Toscana" and it is responsible for the related operation management. "FSRU Toscana", moored about 22 km off the coasts between Livorno and Pisa, is connected to the national grid through a 36.5 km long pipeline, operated and managed by Snam Rete Gas, of which: about 29.5 km at sea, 5 km in the floodway and the remaining 2 km on dry land. At full capacity, the Terminal has a regasification capacity of 3.75 billion cubic meters a year, about 4% of the national requirement.

Source: Oltoffshore