The Port Authority of Valencia has announced details regarding future investments in its three ports. €56.19 million will be invested during 2017 with plans to invest more than €177 million from 2018 to 2020.

Port Authority of Valencia will invest €35.44 million in the port of Valencia in 2017. €25.55 million will be allocated towards new berths and surfaces. Specifically, €18.5 million for the dredging of the Prince Felipe and Levante docks and the improvement of the drainage of the Príncipe Felipe, Levante and transverse wharves of Costa.

Port Authority of Valencia announces EUR233mln investments in its three ports

Image courtesy: Port of Valencia

This will increase the draft of the three terminals of Valencia up to 18 meters and will make the site the first in the Mediterranean to be fully adapted to serve the new generation of container ships carring more than 18,000 TEUs. Also, within these items, the APV plans to invest €3.7 million for the paving of the old bulk terminal in 2017.

Road access to the port will also be upgraded, the Business Plan 2017 includes €1.7 million euros of investment for the port of Valencia, including works such as the extension of the road South extension and new access to the cruise ship pier and depot. Regarding rail, the APV will allocate €3 million in 2017 for the remodelling of the railway terminal of the Príncipe Felipe Wharf.

Source: 4AllPorts