The State of Texas has selected Port Houston to join its Infrastructure Industry Liaison Program. The port will coordinate with the State Intelligence Fusion Center as a resource for maritime related information and reports, providing real-time information and reporting suspicious activity.

Port Houston Chosen For Infrastructure Industry Liaison Program

“This is a new program through the Texas Dept. of Public Safety, and we were chosen to join 30 petrochemical and marine organizations in the first class along with Lubrizol Corporation, Shell Deer Park and Freeport LNG,” said Marcus Woodring, Chief HSSE Officer for Port Houston.

Liaison officer programs are networks of trusted volunteers and law enforcement officers who are selectively recruited and trained to partner with fusion centers, which house a diverse group of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Being involved in the program will increase opportunities for Port Houston to secure its facilities and assets from crime and build a partnership with the state in regards to security measures.

“We are the only port active in the program so far, and it is an honor that they selected to us to participate,” added Woodring.

Source: Port Houston