On January 11, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) announced that it determined to initially employ 131 of Hanjin’s workforce including onshore, offshore, overseas staffs and ship managers.

Moreover, HMM will also recruit 41 additional ex-Hanjin’s employees including offshore staff and assign them to the tasks next month. Then, HMM will acquire total 172 of Hanjin’s workforce of next month.

Hyundai Merchant Marine to hire up to 220 employees from Hanjin Shipping

In addition, HMM also plans to rehire the maximum of 40~50 additional Hanjin’s offshore staff to fit in with expansion HMM plans by acquiring additional vessels. Its move will bring the total rehired staff number up to around 220.

HMM CEO, C.K. Yoo said: “We acquire the best shipping workforce via 1:1 interview. We will fully support Hanjin’s workforce to help them quickly adapt and adjust into HMM’s corporate culture and come into their own.”

Source: HMM