Tallink`s fast ferry Star will be equipped with a separate, second level car-loading access door and ramp in January to make the loading of passenger vehicles faster and more comfortable for passengers and diminish the risk of loading related delays in the traffic. Similar logistics will be also used on board of the new vessel Megastar launched in January for Tallinn-Helsinki route next to Star.

Tallink's Fast Ferry STAR Will Have A Second Level Vehicles Access Installed In January

Tallink's Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship Star - Image courtesy: Arjan Elmendorp

The Head of Tallink`s ship management, Captain Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik said, that the project to reconstruct the car-deck loading for passenger cars started almost two years ago, when engineers started to calculate and study the deck loads and best access systems for Star similar to Megastar. „We are pleased, that now the project is ready to be implemented during the 2-weeks docking in January and we will have two equally efficient and comfortable vessels by the end of January for the Tallinn-Helsinki route`s shuttle service“, added Tuulik.

Both Star and Megastar will load the larger cargo units from the main deck level and passenger vehicles separately from the new second level ramp. The new logistical solution is expected to fasten the loading and unloading of the car-deck and make the service more comfortable for the passengers travelling with the cars.

The harbour ramp constructions are already in place in Helsinki Port`s West Harbour and Tallinn Port`s D-terminal.

As Star will be docking from 12-27th of January, there will be temporarily only one fast ferry, Superstar in service during that time period. The new LNG-driven fast passenger ferry Megastar is planned to be delivered by Meyer Turku by the end of January and make its first departures on 29th of January along with Star, which by then has returned from docking.

Source: Tallink