Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Co., Ltd. (MHI-MME), delivered the electro-hydraulic steering gear to be installed in the world's largest 20,000TEU mega container carrier built by Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

The delivered "DFT-1150" (Torque at maximum working oil pressure: 11,307 kN-m) is the world's largest size of steering gear and will be installed in the 20,00TEU built at Saijo Shipyard of Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

MHI-MME Delivers World's largest-sized Electro-Hydraulic Steering Gear To Be Installed in 20,000TEUs boxship

Mitsubishi Electro-Hydraulic Steering Gear DFT-1150 - Image courtesy of MHI-MME

It has a history of over 80 years since the first production of Mitsubishi Electro-Hydraulic Steering Gear commenced in 1935. Since then, MHI-MME has developed many kinds of steering gears to meet customers' demands and supplied numerously for small-size to large-size vessels. The cumulative number of production is over 10,000 units. Also, MHI-MME has made technical license agreements with Yoowon Industries Ltd. in Korea and Jiangsu Masada Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. in China to finely meet needs of its customers in the global market.

MHI-MME has also received orders of large-size electro-hydraulic steering gears, DFT-1150, DFT-870 and DFT-760 for 20,000TEU and 14,000 TEU which will be built at Marugame Headquarters and Hiroshima Shipyard of Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. respectively.

Source MHI-MME