Maersk Saudi Arabia received the Honoring certificate of Merit from the Customs authority in the 26th of January 2017 in the capital of Riyadh.

Maersk Line is recognized with their high level of synergy and their full support to the Saudi Customs Authority in all their ventures to develop the logistics infrastructure of the country.

Saudi Customs Authority / Maersk Saudi Arabia received the Honoring Certificate of Merit

Saudi Arabia is going through tremendous changes to elevate their logistics performance and to move to higher ranks on the global LPI (Logistics performance index). Maersk Line proved to be an asset not just to shippers and importers, but a also to the Customs authorities and logistics industry in the country. The authorities honored Maersk Line with a certificate of merit at an event to recognize the achievement of Maersk Professionals.

Now Maersk is in discussions with the authorities of the potential to provide the shippers and consignees with their Delivery orders even before arrival of vessels. This is not the case so far but it will be in the future with Maersk leading the way for higher performances.

This will raise the level of performance and efficiency for all industries in the kingdom. More advances towards reliable logistics is being planned and executed. Now at Maersk Saudi Arabia the leaders of the industry are changing and adapting to new market requirements.

Markets are requesting new efficiencies and savings on the part of logistics. Maersk Line is working its way through studies, meetings with authorities and collaborations to make the new era logistics available to the local and global economy.

Source: Maersk Line