At this moment, DFDS provides six sailings a week by deploying three ships between Ghent and Gothenburg. By the summer of 2017 one ship will be added, good for two extra departures. With these eight sailings, DFDS is further focusing on its growing ro/ro traffic. This means a real boost for port of Ghent.

DFDS from 6 to 8 Ghent-Gothenburg sailings: a boost for ro/ro traffic in port of Ghent

In 2016, the Ghent-Gothenburg line (and 1 times a week until the Norwegian port of Brevik) accounted for 2.1 million tonnes of goods, the second best result ever. In lane metres, this was the best year with 1.8 million. Also, a peak number of trailers were shipped.

The fact of deploying a fourth ship for two extra sailings per week links up with this evolution. Since the end of last year already, DFDS is deploying three of its extended ‘flower ships’ on the stretch between Ghent and Gothenburg. They each have a length of about 230 metres.

This ro/ro traffic makes Sweden the fourth most important trading partner of the port.

"Consequently, Ghent Port Company is pleased to continue putting its back into ro/ro traffic between Ghent and Gothenburg."

Source: Port of Ghent