Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (YM) will upgrade its Taiwan–Philippines Express (dubbed TPE service) by deploying a 2,800TEU container vessel effective on 21st February 2017. The TPE service covers Kaohsiung, Manila North Port and Manila South Port with a round voyage of 7 days.

Yang Ming upgrades Philippine service

Container ship YM Wellness - Image courtesy of Krijn Hamelink

At the same time, YM will provide new direct service from South China to the Philippines (dubbed PH2 service) through slot exchange cooperation with Orient Overseas Container Line Limited (OOCL). The calling port rotation of PH2 service is ShekouHong KongManila North Port–Manila South Port–Shekou. A round voyage takes 7 days.

Besides TPE and PH2 service, YM provides another four service loops covering the Philippine market, such as Keelung-Manila direct Service (dubbed KMH service), Kaohsiung-Cebu direct Service (dubbed KMC service), Central China-Manila direct service (dubbed CPS service), and North China to Indonesia and the Philippines (dubbed CN1 service), with details as follows:

  • KMH : Keelung–Manila North port–Manila South port.
  • KMC : Kaohsiung–Cebu–Kaohsiung.
  • CPS : Shanghai–Ningbo–Manila North port–Manila South port–Shanghai.
  • CN1 : Qingdao–Shanghai–Ningbo–Hong Kong–Jakarta–Surabaya–Manila South port–Hong Kong – Qingdao.

YM provides a total of six loops covering Philippine ports and continues enhancing its network to provide excellent service in Intra-Asia markets.

Source: Yang Ming