ZIM announced earlier today the start of an additional Asia-PNW service (subject to FMC approval) effective April 2017. The service will join the ZIM’s Asia - Pacific North West service, which was previously announced.

The new service will be named Zim Pacific North (ZPN).

ZIM to add a Second Asia-Pacific North West String

Container ship ZIM Qingdao - Image courtesy of Manuel Hernández Lafuente

ZPN ports rotation will be as follows :

Hong Kong – Yantian – Kaohsiung – Shanghai - Pusan – Tacoma - Vancouver – Pusan – Kwangyang – Kaohsiung - Hong Kong

The new service is widening ZIM’s ports scope on the PNW trade, offering smooth gateways to US and Canada inland destinations and direct calls in Kaohsiung, KwangYang & Tacoma; ZPN is planned to call Shanghai Waigaoqiao terminal, and will offer fast transit time and additional advantages for customers, as part of ZIM’s ongoing focus on better products and customer service.

As mentioned above, ZPN service is joining the Asia – Pacific North West service that was announced last month, fully operated by ZIM vessels, with the following Rotation:

Port Kelang - Cai Mep - Da Chan Bay – Yantian – Xiamen - Ningbo – Shanghai – Pusan – Vancouver – Pusan – Qingdao – Shanghai – Ningbo - Da Chan Bay - Port Kelang

Source: ZIM