A fire broke out on board American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier (ARC)’s M/V HONOR Friday morning at approximately 04:00 am CET after departing the port of Southampton, UK. The fire has been extinguished, but the impacted and now-sealed cargo holds have not been opened and inspected.

There was no injury to the crew and the ship is operating under its own power.

Fire Breaks Out On Board ARC’s Vehicles Carrier Honor At Sea

Vehicles carrier Honor - Image courtesy of Gyssels Gilbert

Yesterday ARC informed that the ship has refilled its CO2 system and plans to proceed to anchorage early on Monday morning, February 27.

In consultation with the appropriate authorities, a ventilation plan is being developed for approval and implementation. Any possible cargo damage or vessel damage will not be assessed until the authorities grant permission to access the impacted spaces. Permission is not expected to be granted until the middle of the week, at the earliest

“ARC would like to express its appreciation for the assistance of the British authorities and the swift, professional actions of our crew in this situation.

The current focus is on making sure the ship and crew are safe and on investigating the cause of incident.” - ARC

Source: ARC