MET turbocharger, a primary product of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Co., Ltd. (MHI-MME), has achieved the delivery of 30,000 units in February, 2017.

MET turbocharger was initially developed in 1965 by MHI-MME’s own technology; it has continuously been evolved to respond to the needs of engine technology providers. Currently, the MET turbocharger line-up consists of MET-MA/-MB (axial type) for two-stroke marine propulsion engines and MET-SRC series (radial type) for four-stroke main and generator engines. These two line-ups have been delivered up to around 2,000 units per year recently.

MHI-MME: MET turbocharger achieved the delivery of 30,000 units

Axial MET turbochargers are licensed to three major engine manufacturers in Korea. MET turbocharger is mounted on two-stroke engines not only by Mitsubishi designs but also by MAN Diesel &Turbo SE and Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. brands. MHI-MME's market share among two-stroke marine propulsion engines is around 40%.

Delivery of radial type turbochargers has been increased over recent years, and it has become a major part of MHI-MME turbocharger business same as the axial type.

Taking advantage of achieving the delivery of 30,000 units, MHI-MME will continue the provision of turbochargers that satisfy customer needs in both products and services.

Source: MHI-MME