IKM Subsea Singapore signs new contract with Solstad Offshore

By Curious

Solstad Offshore in Singapore has recently awarded IKM Subsea Singapore a service contract to provide ROV services onboard on the DLB “Norce Endeavour” for construction support projects offshore in Thailand (hat-trick award from 2015).

The barge will be mobilized in Singapore and will be working in the Gulf of Thailand for various clients.

IKM Subsea Singapore signs new contract with Solstad Offshore

DLB “Norce Endeavour” - Image courtesy of IKM Offshore

IKM Subsea will provide the Merlin WR 200 Workclass ROV together with the required toolings to execute the project which consist of numerous platform and Pipelines installation coupled with dive support for Subsea tie-in and commissioning.

“This new award is a direct reflection to the performance by the IKM Subsea team and the Merlin WR200 during Solstad campaigns throughout 2015 and 2016. The system and team has demonstrated its capabilities over the two last years of construction activities in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s all about the performance and we have tried to do our best since the start of this collaboration with Solstad Offshore. Since day one we have received positive feedback from clients saying that the electrical Workclass ROV system satisfies rigorous demanding natures” says Thina Suppaiyan, IKM Subsea Singapore’s Operations Manager.

Mahesh Govindan, General Manager in Singapore do also confirm the above statement. “The new contract is a statement of assurance of that we deliver high quality and reliability services.”

Source: IKM Subsea