The Port of Yokohama has officially announced that they are now an incentive provider for environmentally friendly ships. The Japanese Port joins many others such as the Kitakyushu Port (Tobata LNG and Hibiki LNG) and the Port of Nagoya (including Chita LNG Terminal) in providing incentives for Green Award Ships.

Port of Yokohama Introduces Environmentally Friendly Ship Incentive

Port of Yokohama

Since 1 April 2017, all types of ESI over 30 points or Green Award certified ships are entitled to a 15% discount on the port dues. To apply this environmentally friendly incentive, ships are required to submit an application and certificate of ESI or Green Award in advance of arrival to the port.

The application will be prepared by the agents, so please send the Certification documents in advance for ships eligible for this incentive.

To read more about information issued by Yokohama Port Harbour Bureau please see here the attached documents explaining the details of this incentive application.

Source: ISS