The passenger/Ro-Ro cargo ship VOLCAN DE TAMASITE on arrival to Las Palmas Gran Canaria from Santa Cruz de Tenerife suffered electrical failure and crashed into a pier at around 20:30LT on Friday (Apr21).

Ferry Volcan De Tamasite Hits Portwall, Las Palmas; Five people with minor injuries; Ferry bow and portwall damaged (Video)

Images courtesy of EmergCAN

According to the operating company Naviera Armas, a power cut “lasting two minutes” caused the engine failure and the crash into the concrete wall at the entrance to Luz Port (Gran Canaria).

At the time of the incident, there were 140 passengers, 30 crews and dozens of vehicles on board. The video below shows moments from the crash, the ferry bow and the port wall’s severe damages and the situation on board minutes after the incident:

There are no reports for serious injuries. Five people suffered minor injuries and received medical attention at the scene.

Part of the damaged port wall came down on two vehicles belonging to oil firm Onyx which were refuelling a nearby ship, causing an oil spill which on Friday night led to an environmental emergency being declared.

Up to 200,000 litres of fuel was initially feared to have spilled, although port authority sources said they believed the situation could be brought under control without major environmental consequences because of sea currents.

Coastguards vessels were sent to inspect the scene on Friday night.

A police investigation was underway Friday night in conjunction with a separate investigation by the ferry's owner Naviera Armas.