APM Terminals Callao, which holds the concession for operations at the North Terminal (Terminal Muelle Norte) of Peru’s primary port, has placed orders for USD 10 million worth of new general cargo handling equipment as business at Peru’s busiest port continues to grow. The North Terminal handles all of the general cargo movements at the Port of Callao, which handles 70% of all Peru’s general cargo shipments. The equipment is to be received at the South American Pacific Coast port over two deliveries.

“This new equipment will be used to accommodate our increasing general cargo vessel traffic for both - break bulk and dry bulk operations” noted APM Terminals Callao Managing Director Javier Lancha, adding “Our customers will benefit from improved productivity, which will reduce vessel time in port, and decrease transportation costs across the entire logistics chain”.

APM Terminals Callao Places USD 10 Million Order For General Cargo Handling Equipment

Terminal Muelle Norte Callao Peru - Image courtesy of APM Terminals

The first equipment delivery included eight massive scoops for dry bulk cargo unloading, six hydraulic hoppers, three excavators, two front loaders, six road sweeper trucks and ten forklifts. This equipment is scheduled to be implemented by June. The second delivery, comprised of three Eco-hoppers, one forklift and two more hydraulic hoppers, employing some of the most advanced environmentally-sustainable technology in service in Peru, will be in service by August. 

The Eco-hoppers, the first of their kind in Peru, will increase productivity, but will also enable the handling of very dusty products (such as cement and soda ash) in a more environmentally friendly manner. Able to capture and extract the dust generated during the handling of these products, the Eco-hoppers will also provide a safe and clean work environment for employees. The Eco-hoppers provide a sealed and air-conditioned cabin, from where the operator can operate the hopper, and view loading trucks at all times. The new system will also remove the requirement for external parties (truck drivers) to be in the work area, removing one more risk in the personnel/machinery interface.

The Peruvian economy has been one of the fastest-growing in South America over the past decade. It is the 5th-largest economy in South America, and has been projected by the UN to expand by 4.1% in 2017 and 4.3% in 2018. APM Terminals assumed control of the facility in July 2011 under a 30-year concession from the Government of Peru, and is investing over USD 800 million in transforming it into a modern multipurpose terminal for containers, general cargo, Ro-Ro cargo, break bulk and cruise ships. The Port of Callao, the busiest container port on the west coast of South America, has been projected to handle 4 million TEUs by 2018.

Source: APM Terminals