A gigantic load is due to be shipped from the Port of Gothenburg. The object is an eight-storey offshore accommodation module for an oil rig in the North Sea. Preparations are in full flow.

Images courtesy of Port of Gothenburg

It has taken more than two years to build. But now this eight-storey accommodation module, which is being built by Apply Emtunga for the Martin Linge oilfield in the North Sea, is almost complete. It is 48 m high, 33 m long and weighs more than 3,000 tonnes.

Exceptionally large

“The Port of Gothenburg has long experience of handling high and heavy goods although this particular load is exceptionally large,” said Claes Sundmark, Vice President, Container, Ro-Ro and Rail at Gothenburg Port Authority.

At the beginning of June, the module will be transported by barge to the North Sea via the Port of Gothenburg. Preparations are in full flow to ensure every aspect has been covered and nothing has been left to chance.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer heavy lifts like this in our terminal. If everything goes according to plan it may be more units already in the fall”, said Mikael Karlsson, Customer Relations Manager at Gothenburg Roro Terminal.

Rolling down to quay

Apply Emtunga is just a stone’s throw from the quayside. The accommodation module will be rolled down onto a specially reinforced quay using what are known as SPMTs – self-propelled modular transporters. Once the module is on board the barge, it will be welded in place before being towed by tugs to the North Sea.

Gigantic Load To Be Shipped From The Port Of Gothenburg

Source: Port of Gothenburg