The All Weather Terminal at ABP’s port of Hull has achieved a recycling award.

ABP is committed to keeping Britain trading in an efficient way to help reduce and make use of waste that would otherwise be destined to landfill.

Recently the UK’s first All Weather Terminal was awarded a 100 tonnes Achievement Award for recycling wood with the Humber Wood Recycling Project.

Hull Port reaches recycling milestone

The self-funded recycling firm, that creates training, volunteering and workplace opportunities, has also created wooden planters and outdoor furniture from some of the recycled materials which will brighten up the port’s wellbeing areas.

“It’s fantastic that we’ve smashed such a huge target and to see the waste product being transformed and put to good use to enhance the port,” said Adrian Hamilton, terminal manager at the All Weather Terminal.

“We hope to continue our fruitful relationship with Humber Wood Recycling Project which has enabled them to expand their workforce and get disadvantaged people back to work.

“It’s a win-win situation; giving back to the community and continuing to work in an efficient, green way.”

The All Weather Terminal protects weather sensitive products and it predominately handles steel coil which is used in the production of car parts and other metal products. The waste timber off the vessels is used to secure the load and once offloaded by ABP it is collected, sorted and graded by volunteers at the Humber Wood Recycling Project’s depot in Staveley Road, Hull.

Bob Bunce, director of the Humber Wood Recycling Project, said: “In the three years we have been operating, it’s the first time we have issued a 100 tonne certificate to one of our customers.

“It’s important that other companies follow in ABP’s footsteps to help reduce landfill waste and we can help by offering a collection service and we also create bespoke pieces from it.”

Source: ABPorts