iContainers, the 100% online freight forwarder, has launched a new instant notifications system allowing shippers to automatically receive up-to-date information regarding the status of their ocean freight shipment. With this, iContainers introduces a new degree of automation to supply chain management.

How it works

The new notifications system allows importing and exporting companies to automatically track their shipment status in real-time and in a proactive manner. Shippers will receive automatic instant notifications via email with detailed and precise information regarding their cargo status throughout the entire ocean freight process. Emails will be sent out as soon as their cargo crosses a milestone, which includes cargo loading, drop off, vessel departure, arrival, and more.

iContainers boosts supply chain automation with the launch of its new Automated Instant Notification System

“Within the flow of shipping goods internationally, a series of events and milestones occur. These include the collection of merchandise, vessel departure and arrival, and more,” explains iContainers co-founder and president Iván Tintoré.

“Such information is vital to shippers. Previously, they would have to call the shipping carrier or their freight forwarder, or enter their online tracking code to obtain their shipment status. This is exactly what we’re eliminating. Our new automated notifications system gives shippers a peace of mind by informing them what they need to know at the right time.”

The automated notifications system represents a breakthrough in the shipping industry’s information and monitoring systems. As these alerts are sent out proactively, it puts an end to the cumbersome process of getting a shipment status update. Shippers will no longer have to get in touch with shipping companies nor freight forwarders to find out the state and location of their merchandise.

Commitment to efficiency

iContainers’ new notifications system is the perfect complement to its Track & Trace service, a real-time container tracking tool that was launched just two months ago. The tool allows shippers to view all their updated shipment status in one view without having to sign into multiple carriers’ websites. iContainers is also currently working on SMS and application push notifications and will be rolling those out in the coming months.

According to iContainers, with the new system, importers and exporters can better manage their cargo, production plans, and supply chain. Additionally, it’s a time-saving tool for the company’s operations teams. iContainers’ operatives can now divert their time to other processes that add value to the business, such as strengthening customer service and optimizing operational processes.

Accelerating the innovation cycle

iContainers’ ventures in ocean freight industry has granted ease and transparency to contracting freight services. Ever since its launch in 2007, the company has aimed to eliminate the complexities and inefficiencies that characterize the traditional transport and supply chain. With its innovative advances, it has established itself as a pioneer in setting new standards in the logistics sector.

More recently, the company stepped up its efforts in its business innovation cycle. Aimed at improving its customer service and user experience, iContainers has been introducing new additions and applications to its existing platform every month.

Concurrently, iContainers is also invested in a series of international expansions. Just last month, the freight forwarder announced the launch of its latest office in the Dominican Republic - just five months after opening its North European office in Rotterdam. This is part of the company’s focus on placing itself in the most strategic European and North American logistical hubs to allow it to increase its market presence and expand its customer base.

Source: iContainers