Maersk Supply Service has secured a long-term contract with Subtec S.A de C.V. of Mexico, a subsidiary of Blue Marine Group, for one of its Stingray new-building vessels.

Maersk Supply Service will enter the Mexican market for the very first time with a long-term contract award with Blue Marine Group. Not only does this contract open up further opportunities in the Mexico region, it also provides significant contract coverage for the coming years and secures utilization of one of the company’s four Stingray Subsea Support Vessel new-buildings.

Maersk Supply Service lands major contract in the Mexican market

"This contract is the result of two companies working together to provide a superior integrated service offering and we look forward to building a strong partnership with Blue Marine Group going forward. We are excited to commence our activities in the Mexico region and offer the exclusive capabilities and operational efficiencies of our Stingray new-building to Blue Marine Group and their clients,” says Chief Executive Officer Steen S. Karstensen.

The Stingray vessel will be operating in the Bay of Campeche performing general support duties for Blue Marine and their clients, including IRM and maintenance of Pemex’s platforms as well as enhancement and well stimulation.

“Blue Marine is very pleased to have a close cooperation with Maersk Supply Service and be able to bring one of the most sophisticated vessels in the world to Mexican waters. Despite the challenging market, we are confident that this vessel will be a valuable tool for our Group in order to provide integrated services to oil companies in the region in the years to come. It is also an opportunity to create synergies between Maersk Supply Service and Blue Marine for the oil & gas market. The contract will be the platform for a new era of high quality services, always creating profitability for our customers. We as a Group are looking forward to further strengthening the relationship between Maersk Supply Service and Blue Marine in the future,” says Juan Reynoso Durand, Executive Chairman of Blue Marine.

The contract will commence in autumn 2018 with a firm duration until June 2020.

Source: Maersk Supply Service