Have you traveled in a cruise ship or are a part of some cruise misery? Inherently passengers are amused with the dock length and the onboard mocking cheers are entertaining. However, mistakes do happen, regardless of the best-laid plans, it happens that you are on the dry land, while you see your ship sailing into the sunset. This is a freezing moment for anyone missing their cruise ship, but remember nothing has come to the end.  Just understand what to do and how to handle the cruise ship leaving you behind.

What to Do If Your Cruise Ship Sails Away Leaving You Behind on the Dry Port

What happens on missing a cruise ship

It is very important to know what happens with one mistake on missing a cruise. The first point is arriving late while in port to the ship should be avoided.

If you are a regular traveler and have taken cruises several times, you also must have watched people running to the ship back when it is all set to sail. This happens with every cruise and mostly everyone is back on board. Rarely, one or the other person is left at the pier watching the cruise ship sail away.

A few important points:

  • A ship does not wait if you are late
  • Sponsored bookings have the ship waiting
  • 3rd party excursions allow extra time to not miss the ship.

Normally, cruisers miss the ship because they lose track of time and getting back is delayed Now coming to the cruise line procedure on missing it is important.

The passenger’s name is called on the PA system asking them to board back. They wait for five minutes and the next announcement is done about the emergency system. A security officer accompanies with a guest services member to check the cabin of the passenger. They try to check for the passport using a master key.  These details are handed to the shipping agent to collect later by the passenger.  

What to do on Missing a ship

  • Find a port agent is the first step to assist if the ship left you. The ship crew hands over all your essential items to the officials and they help in making travel arrangements.
  • Proceed with phone calls, call your ship to inform and ask the next steps, where and how to meet in the next ports. Call the customer service of the cruise line and see if they can help your interim travel and accommodations.
  • Finally, check through the cruise line or call the U.S embassy. The embassy folks can potentially make your contact with the right person to reach your ship.

Once this procedure is done you have to make your travel arrangements.  Now, that the cruise ship is away, you can meet it in some subsequent port or call it the end wash and proceed home. Your travel agent, cruise line or travel insurance provider may help you in making the plans and to make arrangements. However, you will be responsible for the costs and your credit cards, passports, and a driving license may be helpful.

As you plan to return home you must figure out to retrieve your belongings from the sailing cruise so that you get it at the next port to rejoin. If not address your belongings are aboard on the ship. The cruise line can have shipped everything to you, but it may not be cheap.

Above all do not get tensed or highly stressed. Things have to happen, it is over. The ship went off sailing, so even when you are stranded, do not forget you are on a vacation. Try to explore the destination you are in or locate some nearby areas that can be reached with local fare. Everything is an experience, staying relaxed is more important.

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Jack Wong, the VP of Bosterbio contributed to this article.