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Tallink Grupp to require passengers travelling to Finland from Estonia and Sweden to present negative Covid test result

Tallink Grupp has announced that from Tuesday, 23 February 2021 until further notice, the company will require passengers travelling to Finland to present a negative COVID-19 test result certificate or a certificate from the GP evidencing that the …
Feb 19, 2021 / Curious

Finland Bans Inbound Ferry Passenger Traffic From 11 April 2020

Tallink Grupp’s Vessels Megastar, Galaxy and Baltic Princess Suspend Passenger Transport to FinlandThe Finnish authorities announced Tuesday morning (Apr07) that from Saturday, 11 April 2020, Finland is no longer allowing entry into Finland for ferry …
Apr 8, 2020 / Vessels

Tallink Grupp Carries A Record Number of Passengers Again; Cargo Units and Passenger Vehicle Numbers Decline

Tallink Grupp last Friday published its 2019 fourth quarter and December passenger and cargo statistics.Tallink Grupp’s passenger figure continued the increase trend and the company carried a record number of  9 763 210 passengers on its vessels and …
Jan 9, 2020 / Cruise

Port Everglades Tops World Record by 79 Passengers

Port Everglades beat its own world record on December 1, 2019, with 79 more passengers than its previous record set in 2016. Once all the manifests were tallied, a total of 55,964 passengers sailed in and out of Port Everglades in a single day, …
Dec 20, 2019 / Cruise

Record cruise passenger numbers for Ports of Stockholm in 2019

The number of cruise passengers travelling via Ports of Stockholm is continually rising, and has set a new record again this year. During the 2019 season Ports of Stockholm welcomed 281 cruise liners. The cruise passengers are an important part of …
Oct 23, 2019 / Curious

What to Do If Your Cruise Ship Sails Away Leaving You Behind on the Dry Port

Have you traveled in a cruise ship or are a part of some cruise misery? Inherently passengers are amused with the dock length and the onboard mocking cheers are entertaining. However, mistakes do happen, regardless of the best-laid plans, it happens …
Oct 22, 2019 / Cruise

Cruise Passengers Could Triple In Portsmouth As Multi-Million Pound Extension Gets Underway

Portsmouth International Port is set to welcome 150,000 cruise passengers annually in the next few years, following the announcement construction firm Knights Brown will lead the multi-million pound project to increase the size of cruise ships the …
Jul 30, 2019 / Cruise

Port of Kiel expects more than 2.2 million passengers this year (Video)

The economic importance of nautical tourism for Schleswig-Holstein is continuing to increase. More than 2.2 million passengers are expected in the port of Kiel alone this year, forecasting record numbers like 600,000 cruise passengers and 1.6 million …
Mar 8, 2019 / Cruise

Port of Riga Sets Goal: Number of Cruise Ships and Their Passengers Must Be Doubled

Over almost half a century, the cruise industry has experienced dynamic growth, initially driven by the demand for cruise travels in North America and the recent demand in Europe and rest of the world, especially China and Australia. The demand for …
Jan 10, 2019 / Cruise