The installation of the state of the art, MAATS cable lay equipment on board the CLV vessel Nexans Aurora has now commenced at the Ulstein Verft shipyard.

Spotted: Installation of cable lay equipment commences on Nexans Aurora
Caption: Big sized cable lay equipment for a big sized cable lay vessel. Photo: Maats

On 14 October, MAATS’ & Marine Fabricators’ installation team arrived on site to begin the installation, which kicked off with the two lay wheels being fitted at the stern. These wheels, in combination with the specially designed fairings, assist in guiding the cable in a controlled manner as it enters and exits the vessel. 

Following the lay wheels, final installation work is now being completed on the MAATS Tensioners and 75t SWL Capstan. The innovative vessel is constructed using the combined expertise of Nexans’ extensive cable laying experience, Skipsteknisk’s naval architecture know-how, Ulstein Verft’s shipbuilding prowess, and MAATS’ specialist engineering.

Caption: The Nexans Aurora project managers from Maats, Nexans and Ulstein Verft, respectively, meeting up to inspect the installations.

The vessel boasts a concentric, split basket 10,000Te carousel, dual cable lay capabilities, utilisation of separate Capstan or Tensioner firing lines, and the ability to complete operations in the most severe weather conditions anywhere in the world.

Caption: First of two lay wheels on the move, photo Daniel Osnes.
Caption: One of the Ulstein Verft cranes performing the lay wheel lift, photo: Maats.
Caption: The first lay wheel getting positioned, photo by Maats.
Caption: Final detail checking on the first lay wheel installation, photo by Daniel Osnes.
Caption: Both lay wheels installed on the CLV vessel Nexans Aurora. Photo: Maats.

Source: Ulstein