On 11.11.2020, Lindblad Expeditions' next polar expedition cruise vessel, the 'National Geographic Resolution', was towed in to the dock hall at Ulstein Verft.

The National Geographic Resolution polar vessel under roof

The hull arrived at Ulstein Verft on 22 October. Since then, electrical work and safety measures have been undertaken. Having been positioned now in the dock hall, the next stages of the construction project will be to continue the electrical work, as well as tasks such as insulation, piping, steel outfitting and installations.

The dock hall was completed in 2002, and secures a dry and controlled climate in the shipbuilding projects. The dock has a total length of 225 metres, of which the dock hall has a length of 110 metres. The dock hall gate is 34 metres wide. The two main cranes inside the dock hall can perform tandem lifts of totally 500 tonnes.

Caption: In an early stage of the dock-in of the National Geographic Resolution. Photo: Daniel Osnes.

The 'National Geographic Resolution' (CruiseMapper) is sister vessel to the 'National Geographic Endurance', which was delivered in spring 2020.

Caption: Polar vessel heading for the dock hall. Photo: Daniel Osnes.

Lindblad Expeditions Holdings, Inc. is an expedition travel company that works in partnership with National Geographic to inspire people to explore and care about the planet.

Caption: The NG Resolution being transported to the controlled environment in the Ulstein Verft dock hall. Photo: Daniel Osnes.

Source: Ulstein