U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) officials have detained the oil tanker Overseas Jademar in Port Angeles Harbor in relation to alleged safety violations.

The double-hulled tanker which is 228m long, was sailing along the Strait of Juan de Fuca en route from Malaysia to Anacortes transporting cargo when it was inspected on Monday, the USCG stated yesterday.

Photo: John Kalucki

Port state control officers from USCG Sector Puget Sound commented that they determined numerous major safety violations during the port state control exam regarding the Marshall Island-flagged tanker. The vessel must remain in Sector Puget Sound's captain of the port zone until all discovered safety violations are taken care of.

Some of the irregularities that were determined by the control officers include malfunctioning distress signaling equipment as well as faulty fire safety systems.
The electronic position-indicating radio beacon, which is an integral piece of the vessel’s distress equipment used to notify the proper authorities of the ship's location if an emergency is to arise, was determined to be non-functional, the USCG reported via a statement.

After performing a close and thorough examination of multiple fire hose stations, the control officers found out that a large number of the gaskets between the hoses and nozzles were in a deteriorated state and thus would limit the crew when tasked to combat any potential fire situations, the statement further added.

The officers also pointed out in their report that there were several fire doors that did not close automatically, which when functioning as required, would greatly help to contain fire and smoke if such an emergency was to arise as well as provide the crew members with more time to handle the fire situation or abandon the vessel, the statement elaborated.

"This case is a perfect example regarding the port state control program’s importance to make sure that all foreign-flagged vessels comply with international safety standards and ensure sailor safety at sea," commented Cmdr. Matt Edwards, Sector Puget Sound prevention department head.

"We are going to continue monitoring the Overseas Jademar and plan to work closely with the crew members as well as with Marshall Islands representatives in order to bring the vessel up to the necessary standards."