The latest reports say the ultra large container ship Hanjin Green Earth is still on fire in Port Said, Egypt.

Ultra-large container ship Hanjin Green Earth still on fire in Suez Canal

On 1st of May the 13,000-TEU Hanjin vessel caught fire approximately 48 km to the south of the canal, while passing it through.

AIS data shows the vessel was transiting the canal as part of its journey from Asia to North Europe and had just arrived from Port Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Representatives of Hanjin Shipping said that there were no reports for oil spills or crew injuries during the incident and they still didn't know what had caused the fire.

Around 02:30 local time on 1st of May 2015, the deck containers on Hanjin Green Earth took fire. The Suez Canal emergency service assistance was at the location trying to contain the fire and to assist the vessel's passage through the canal.

On 2nd of May the ship was in the same area moving slowly around, drifting off the anchorage area in Port Said with two tugs nearby which were trying to extinguish the fire.

The latest information regarding the incident say that the fire on board of Hanjin mega-boxship is still on.

Approximately 50 containers have been damaged or destroyed after fire spread to boxes loaded with inflammable goods. At least five salvage vessels and Egyptian navy resources have been included in the firefighting.

The teams trying to extinguish the fire are facing problems with the access to the burning or smoldering containers, because of eventual contamination and explosions at the location.

There are still no news regarding the crew - if they are still on board or evacuated from Hanjin Green Earth.

The vessel is still in the same position, drifting or slowly moving in North direction of Port Said.