Two tugboats capsized on the St. Lawrence River in Cornwall on Monday (June 22).

The first incident occurred around 4p.m local time and involved the Lac Manitoba. Having been caught in a strong current, the vessel got into trouble and was tossed around.

Five hours later, a second tug, which name has not yet been revelaed, went under the water.

According to witnesses, the Lac Manitoba was assisting a barge, with a large crane on board, to manoeuvre. The crew of the tugboat managed to jump overboard and was picked by other boats who had come to its aid.

Both tugs' crews are safe, only one person was taken to a hospital slightly injured.

The two incidents follow another two on the St. Lawrence Seaway in a couple of days. Last Thursday the navigation on the seaway was suspended for 42 hours after the cruise ship Saint Laurent struck a wall in the Eisenhower Lock in Massena, New York, injuring some 30 passengers.

Several hours after the seaway was open, the Tundra ran hard aground near Lancaster, Ontario. According to latest AIS data, the vessel is still aground.

Current position of Tundra

Relted news: Bulk Carrier Tundra runs aground in St. Lawrence Seaway