Radio Free Asia has reported that North Korea has plans of sending a crew to bring back a cargo carrier that has been held in Mexico for over a year after becoming stranded on a coral reef.

The so-called Hermint Kingdom has commented that the ship bares quite the historical significance due to the fact that members of leader Kim Jong Un’s family have visited it.

North Korea To Return Ship Held By Mexico

Image: Fernando Romano Rivera

The Mu Du Bong ran aground in close proximity to the Tuxpan city’s northeast port back in July of 2014. Its 33-man crew was repatriated after 12 months. The vessel, however, has been kept by Mexico due to allegations that it is operated by Ocean Maritime Management, which is a blacklisted shipping firm.

"The ministry is being heavily pressured by the authorities to bring back the vessel due to its status of a revolutionary historic site visited by the Kim family," a Chinese source commented.

North Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung, who is locally known as the Great Leader, allegedly madea visit to the ship over 30 years ago.

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