Suez Canal Authority (SCA) Chairman Mohab Mamish said on Monday last week that February 24th was set as a date for the official inauguration of East Port Said Canal.

Port Said Shipyard is being developed in order to be able to provide services and required maintenance for the world’s largest ships, Mamish said, noting that the shipyard has recruited specialized distinguished labor.

East Port Said Canal’s Inauguration Set for Feb 24th, 2016

Image: Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT) 

Mamish's remarks were made while being on tour of a number of Suez Canal axis sites in Port Said, accompanied by Suez Canal Economic Zone Authority Chairman Ahmed Darwish and Port Said Governor Adel Al Ghadban.

For his part, Darwish asserted that preparations were underway for French President Francois Holland’s expected inspection of a number of investment projects in the Suez Canal axis.

The East Port Said Canal extends from the northern entrance of the Suez Canal at the Mediterranean Sea for 9.5 km and a depth of 18.5 meters after dredging nearly 12.5 million cubic meters of soil at a cost of USD 37 million.

The new branch canal aims to facilitate the passage of vessels arriving to and from East Port Said Harbor without hindering the Suez Canal convoys.

In addition, the channel is aimed at allowing smaller vessels in the Mediterranean a twenty-four hour access to the port instead of current eight-hour access.

Assistant Interior Minister Mahmoud el Deeb told the Middle East News Agency that security measures were intensified all over the governorate and along the navigation line of the Suez Canal in preparation for the opening of the East Port Said Canal and the start of its navigation.