Yno 309 from Ulstein Verft, the first of two Service Operation Vessels (SOV) for Bernhard Schulte Offshore, left the yard for sea trials on Tuesday, 7 June. According to Ulstein, the results so far are highly satisfactorily.

Ulstein: Successful SOV Sea Trial

The SOV vessel for Bernhard Schulte Offshore when starting on her sea trial. (Photo: SjimpHansen Media)

“We are underway in testing for speed and manoeuvring, and have commenced the tests for dynamic positioning. The vessel is performing splendidly,” reports the sea trial captain, Børge André Berg on Friday, 10 June.

The vessel is due for delivery at the end of this month, and will be working at the Gemini offshore wind park on a charter for Siemens.

Siemens will be using the SOV vessel for the Gemini Offshore Wind Field. (Photo: Ivan Schrooyen)

The first SOV vessel from Ulstein Verft commenced sea trial on 7 June 2016. (Photo: SjimpHansen Media)

Yno 309 from Ulstein Verft, the first vessel with an X-STERN. (Photo: SjimpHansen Media)

Yno 309 with the construction yard, Ulstein Verft, on her starboard side. (Photo: SjimpHansen Media)

Yno 309 heading out for sea trial. (Photo: SjimpHansen Media)

The SOV vessel from Ulstein Verft sea trialling in the fjords of Norway.

The X-STERN being tested for the first time in real-life conditions

Ulstein Verft's Yno 309 on sea trial. (Photo:Ivan Schrooyen)

Source: Ulstein