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Iranian cargo ship sinks in Caspian Sea (Video)

An Iranian cargo ship sank in the Caspian Sea near Azerbaijan's Lankaran port on Friday (Jul26). The Azerbaijan State Maritime Administration said it received a distress signal from an Iranian cargo ship near the port after it had been involved in an …
Jul 29, 2019 / Accidents

Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator Releases the STELLAR DAISY Marine Casualty Investigation Report

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Administrator has completed its Marine Casualty Investigation Report into the loss of the very large ore carrier (VLOC) STELLAR DAISY.The STELLAR DAISY, with a crew of 24, sank in the South Atlantic …
Apr 22, 2019 / Accidents

Careless loading of cargo containers sinks ship in Iran port (Video)

Iranian state TV says careless loading of cargo has capsized a ship in the southern port of Bandar Abbas, sending port workers scrambling to retrieve any of the 153 containers that were suddenly submerged.The report says only one Indian seaman aboard …
Mar 20, 2019 / Accidents

UPDATE: Grimaldi's RoRo container vessel Grande America sank in the Bay of Biscay; Priority given to anti pollution measures

The Grimaldi Group announced on Tuesday that its RoRo container vessel, Grande America, who caught fire the night of March 10/11 in the Bay of Biscay sunk Tuesday afternoon.“We are pleased to confirm that there was no loss of life or injury among the …
Mar 15, 2019 / Accidents

US Coast Guard assists in rescue of five people from sunken vessel near Dutch Harbor

Two Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak helicopter aircrews searched and assisted the good Samaritan fishing vessel Kona Kai with locating five people in a life raft from the sunken commercial fishing vessel Pacific 1, approximately 40 miles west, …
Feb 18, 2019 / Accidents

Seabed Constructor sets sail to search for Stellar Daisy

Ocean Infinity, the next generation seabed survey and ocean exploration company, announces that its vessel, Seabed Constructor, today sets sail from Cape Town to begin the search for the lost South Korean ship, Stellar Daisy.Caption: Offshore Support …
Feb 8, 2019 / Curious

Cable ship Star Centurion sinks after collision with tanker Antea in Bintan (VIDEO)

The Indonesian Navy has deployed several vessels after the Vanuatu-registered cable ship the MV Star Centurion collided with the Hong Kong-flagged tanker MT Antea on Sunday morning in Bintan waters, Riau Islands.Caption: Vanuatu-registered cable ship …
Jan 14, 2019 / Accidents

Six crewmembers died, seven rescued after cargo ship sinking off Turkey’s Black Sea coast

At least six seamen died when a Panama-flagged cargo vessel Volgo Balt 214 sank off Turkey’s Black Sea coast on Monday, officials said.Caption: General cargo ship Volgo Balt 214 - Image courtesy of SychikovSamsun Governor Osman Kaymak told reporters …
Jan 7, 2019 / Accidents